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Bobsleigh is a muscling pumping adrenalin sport that requires a mix and blend of reaction, driver skill, speed/strength and team work.

In the early days the sport was heavily influenced by our British forefathers. Bobsleigh made its first Winter Olympics appearance in 1924. Nash and Dixon, being our most successful en devour, brought back a gold medal in the 1965 winter games and two bronze medals. Since then the Great British team have enjoyed a string of top ten finishes in both the women and men’s disciplines, 2 and 4 man.

It is the team’s responsibilities to co-ordinate all logistics, from the team’s base to the start block. To share the work load, after the driver has decided how he would like to sled set up, it's the crew who actually get the sled to the ice block as desired. Before that however, the driver will walk the track, and bend by bend visualize exactly how he will pilot the sled down the track with safety, but as quick as he can.

Once these tasks are complete, the team warm up together. The purpose of the warm up is to prevent injury when pushing and to synchronize the team rhythmically so all or both hit the sled at the exact same time.

On to the ice block. From this point onwards, the crew channel their aggression and power through the sled to give the driver the fastest start possible, any shortfall in momentum will leave the driver with the incredulous task of catching up the other competition with a handicap. From the push onwards it is solely up to the driver to strike a compromise between safety and risk for the fastest line to the bottom.

In summary, winter sport, up to 90mph with up to 5G of force in some bends, adrenalin/fear, lycra-wrapped muscle pumping sport - NOT FOR THE FEINT HEARTED!

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